Weapon techniques - Moo Ki Sul

Koong Sul: Archery

Korean archery, Japanese sword and the Chinese spear are the most famous and recognized traditional weapons in the Far East. The Korean bow,

Kum Sul: Sword

The Im Jim War (1592-1598) between Korea and Japan was the dividing line of Korean sword history. To that point the Korean sword was traditionally straight. The main emphasis of the sword was thrusting and striking. After the Im Jim War the sword was now made with a curved blade. This change made it easier to slash rather than thrust. Bon Kook Kum, Cho Sun, She Bub, Je Do Kum, and Ssang Soo training were major sword drills used among the Royal Soldiers.

Bong Sul: Long Pole / Short Stick

The long pole and the spear had been used in the battlefield for many years. These weapons were easy to get and train with because the farmers and Buddhist Monks were already familiar with them. The short stick was traditionally a six sided stick (Yuk Mo Bang Maeng Eh). This weapon was primarily used by the police and night watchmen.

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