About Hanmudo

Hanmudo is a comprehensive martial arts system comprised of the study of empty hand techniques, the study of weapons, the study of Ki, and the study of martial arts philosophy.

Hanmudo was created by Dr. He-Young Kimm in 1989, after more than forty years of training and research in Korean martial art systems. A true martial arts scholar, he sought to integrate the techniques and philosophies of these styles, most founded in the 1950’s, with new and innovative techniques into a single comprehensive balanced system.

Hanmudo is recognized and registered by the Korean government (reg. no. 534) as a traditional Korean Martial Art.

Han means Korea (nation of optimism), Mu means Martial Arts and Do means "The Way." Together, Hanmudo means as "The Way of Korean Martial Arts."

The central tenet of Hanmudo is balance. By this we mean that the martial art is organized so that there is balance between:

  • Empty hand and weapons techniques
  • Techniques powered by physical strength and Ki energy
  • Training of the physical body and philosophical, mental and spiritual training
  • Techniques of the left and right side of the body
  • Traditional and Modern philosophy and techniques

The Hanmudo System is divided into four major divisions. These divisions are:

  • Yuh Kwon Sul - Study of Empty Hand Techniques
  • Mu Ki Sul - Study of Weapons Techniques
  • Son Do Sul - Study of Ki
  • Han Chul Hak - Study of Han Philosophy

Yuh Kwon Sul - The Study of Empty Hand Techniques

The largest division in the Hanmudo System, Yuh Kwon Sul encompasses basic kicking and striking, sweeps and throws, Hanmudo Ho Shin Sul (Self-Defense), Hyung (Form), and Dae Ryun (Free Sparring).

Students practicing the Hanmudo Ho Shin Sul technique sets will find that the techniques they learn at the beginner levels are the foundation of the sets they learn as they progress through the system. This intuitive method of learning is further enhanced by the Hanmudo Hyungs (Form). Unique in Self-Defense Martial Arts, Hanmudo Hyungs are based upon the Ho Shin Sul technique sets. Hanmudo Hyungs allow students to practice the techniques sets without a partner in an aesthetically beautiful and graceful exercise.

Hanmudo Dae Ryun is a Free Sparring System designed to challenge students to apply the kicking, striking, throwing, holding, and choking techniques they have practiced in an unscripted, yet safe and exciting environment.

Mu Ki Sul - Study of Weapons Techniques

In the Hanmudo System, students are exposed to a number of martial arts weaponry through the course of their training.

The students begin training with offensive weapons such as the pole and sword. Later, they learn to use defensive weapons such as the rope, the cane and the fan.

Son Do Sul - Study of Ki

Son Do Sul or the Study of Ki (internal energy) is a vital component of the Hanmudo System. During the early stages of Hanmudo training, students learn breathing exercises that stimulate the flow of Ki through the body. Through time and practice, Hanmudo students learn how to cultivate and accumulate Ki energy. Later in the advanced levels of Son Do Sul, Hanmudo students learn to control the circulation of Ki through the body.

Throughout a student’s Hanmudo Training, they are taught how to utilize Ki energy while performing Yuh Kwon Sul and Mu Ki Sul techniques.

Han Chul Hak - Study of Han Philosophy

The Han Philosophy is what separates Hanmudo from other combative activities such as fencing, boxing or wrestling. The Han Philosophy endows Hanmudo practitioners with a common value for the practice and application of Hanmudo.



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