About Dr. He-Young Kimm (Dojunim)

As a young man roaming the hills near Suwon, South Korea, it was hard to imagine that he could envision the course his life would take. Spurred to learn martial arts by an act of violence against his family, this young man would later become a pioneer in the introduction of Korean Martial Arts to America and a critically acclaimed martial arts author, journalist and teacher. Dr. He-Young Kimm, born January 17, 1940, began his martial arts training in Yudo and Bi Sool in 1953. By the time he had graduated from high school, he had captained the Yudo team and successfully led them to a national championship. Later, as a cadet at the Korean Naval Academy, Dr. Kimm taught martial arts to the 8th U.S. Army stationed in Pusan, Korea. It was there that the young marine was invited to further his education and teach martial arts at a small university in the Midwest. At the invitation of the Dr. Mark Scully, President of SE Missouri State University and with permission from his government, Dr. Kimm began teaching Hapkido, Yudo and Tae Kwon Do in the winter of 1963. He spent six years there, spreading his art and attending classes. Then having been awarded a Master’s degree in American History, Dr. Kimm moved onto Baton Rouge, Louisiana to further his education at Louisiana State University. Read more ...


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