President Europe

Chief Master Frans van Boxtel

Master Van Boxtel started his martial arts career started in 1978 under Master Pim van de Putte Sr., training in various arts like Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kobudo and Jiu-Jitsu. Master Van de Putte Sr. has left a great influence on Master Van Boxtel, throughout the rest of his training. In 1985 he took over the school for his teacher. His Chön-Ji-Kwan Martial Arts Centre is one of the few full time martial arts schools in The Netherlands.

In Taekwondo sparring, he won several prices in Full-Contact as well as Semi-Contact. Later on he concentrated on coaching his students. Several of them made it to Dutch Taekwondo Champion. He also has been a National Referee for many years as well. For many years now he is the Tournament Director for the Dutch Taekwondo Federation, organizing the National Championships as well as the Dutch Open every year. However, his highlights as Tournament Director were the European Championships in 1998 and the World Military Championships in 2000. He also kept training in Hapkido, becoming Dutch and Vice-European Champion and winning a 3rd place at the World Hapkido Games in Korea in 1994. He has trained under several Grandmasters around the world, like GM Jung-Doo Han (Hapkido) and GM Hee-Il Cho (Taekwondo). In 1994 he came in contact with Hanmudo and Dr. He-Young Kimm (9th Dan) for the first time. He was so impressed by the art and its founder, that he finally found the art that he was been searching for. After attending many seminars under Dr. He-Young Kimm in the USA and Great Britain, he took over the position of European Director in 1996 for Master Bob Banham. A lot of the Hanmudo Instructors in Europe are personal students of Master Frans van Boxtel. Upon today, he still conducts seminars around Europe to promote the art of Hanmudo.



  • 7th Dan Hanmudo
  • 6th Dan Taekwondo
  • 5th Dan Hapkido
  • 2nd Dan Jiu-Jitsu
  • 1st Kyu Judo

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