History of Hanmudo in Europe

Master Bob Banham went to America in 1992 to attend a seminar with Dr. Kimm He-Young. He wanted to see for himself what this martial art of Hanmudo was like. He was impressed. Not only with the martial art, but with Grandmaster Kimm himself. Dr. Kimm He-Young asked him to represent him in Europe and made a promise to come to England twice a year for the next 5 years. In return, Master Bob Banham agreed to attend 2 seminars a year in Baton Rouge for the same time.

Since then, Hanmudo has been the main martial art taught at his school "Chilsong".

Chief Master Frans van Boxtel :Two years after Master Bob Banham embraced Hanmudo, Master Frans van Boxtel came in contact with Hanmudo and Dr. He-Young Kimm (10th Dan). He also was impressed by the art and its founder that he attended many seminars under Dr. He-Young Kimm in the USA and Great Britain. After 4 years he took over the position of European Director in 1996 for Master Bob Banham. A lot of the Hanmudo Instructors in Europe are personal students of Master Fr. van Boxtel. Upon today, he still conducts seminars around Europe to promote the art of Hanmudo.